Creative Expertise in

Political Media Planning & Buying

“Debra Schommer was my media buying strategist for 20 years and made sure every dollar we spent counted. She’s the best!”

- David Axelrod

We Know Political Media Planning & Buying

With our hard-earned expertise and passionate care, your ad campaign will receive a buy strategy that will connect with and motivate your target.
Strategically and creatively, we’ll customize each media plan and buy with a nuanced understanding of our client, each market and medium, budget, research, and uncompromising service while making every dollar count.

We’ve Got This.

We are ready to partner with you on all your media planning and buying needs!

We strategize, plan, and buy for all mediums, targets, markets



We provide Cost Estimates, Competitive Analysis, Traffic Management, Schedule



We utilize Strata / Freewheel, SQAD, Nielsen, Comscore, and all media research



Meet Our Team

Local, state, national media … We’ve Got This.

Corissa Embro

Senior Buyer

Victoria Gray

Digital Media / Traffic

Shannon Warne

Competitive Analyst / Media Support

Melanie O’Connell

Communications Consultant

Vivian Silverman

Senior Buyer
Paige Befeler

Paige Befeler

Political Media Associate

Lynda Parets

Senior Buyer

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